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Introducing Badger Books

Effective with the August 9, 2022 Partisan Primary, the Town of Somerset will be implementing electronic poll books called Badger Books.

The Badger Books replace the paper poll books used previously.   Click HERE to watch a video on how Badger Books work.

Badger Books / Electronic Poll Books – What they do:

  1. Check in voters
  2. Register new voters
  3. Process absentee ballots

Why the switch?

  • Improved processes including same day registrations.
  • Voters will digitally sign the poll book
  • Less wait time for voters – a voter can check in to vote at any Badger Book station, regardless of last name.
  • Voter participation statistics available at faster.
  • Long term cost savings (staff time, poll worker costs).

Badger Books are NOT connected to the internet. Data is retrieved from a secured voter registration system over an encrypted channel

For questions regarding the implementation of Badger Books, please contact the Town Clerk at