Animal Control

How do I contact animal control?

Call Companion Animal Control at (715) 220-1332 or visit   Established in 2011, Companion Animal Control serves more than 30 municipalities across Washington County, MN, Pierce County & St. Croix County, WI.  Companion Animal Control responds to hundreds of calls each year to help animals, visit for the following information & much more: 

  • What to do if you’ve found an animal
  • Photos of impounded animals
  • How to find your lost dog or cat
  • Companion Animal Control service areas
  • Report an animal welfare complaint
  • Community resources such as discount spay/neuter
  • Impound & rescue partners

Where are animals impounded?

Western Wisconsin Animal Services, 651-248-2282.  Owners reclaiming there are required to make an appointment to reclaim their animal at the office in Baldwin, pay a reclaim fee and may be invoiced by the municipality to recuperate additional animal control expenses.  Animals are held for the state required holding period, then evaluated and transferred to local rescues for adoption.  

What to do if I’ve found an animal?

  •   If possible, contain and/or leash the animal. Never approach an animal that is behaving aggressively.
  •   Call St. Croix Co. Sheriff Non-Emergency (715) 386-4701 and Companion Animal Control (715) 220-1332.
  •   Companion Animal Control will respond to pick up the animal and will post it online at: , notify your neighborhood by sharing the posting on social media or email. The animal will be safely kept for the state required holding period before transfer to a rescue or adoption.
  •   Consider posting a "Found" report on a website such as, and the

What to do if I’ve lost an animal?

Call St. Croix Co. Sheriff Non-Emergency (715) 386-4701 to report your pet missing, Companion Animal Control checks County lost animal reports when responding to calls of found animals.