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Historic Rural Schools in Somerset Township 


Apple River Falls 1858-1954 1952 N. County Road I
On site, made into 3-unit
apartment building
Lakeside 1865-1963
Hwy 35 & County H
SE corner along Hwy 35

Building torn down & foundation
Landing Hill 1886-1954 372 165th Ave.
On site, made into house,
now second owners
North Bass Lake 1912-1952
S. County I & 160th St.
SE corner along 160th
Building moved west to farm, 
used for storage
Pine Lake           1897-1939
Rice Lake Rd & 40th St.
NW corner along 40th

Foundation on site, 
school burned down
Sand Hill 1876-1953
Hwy 35 & 205th Ave.
SE corner near top of hill

Building moved west on 205th
made into house